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Our Mission

Immaculate Conception Parish is a vibrant and growing Catholic community. We introduce people to Christ, nurture them spiritually, equip them for ministry and send them out to transform the world. All parishioners are committed to worship, to connect, to grow, to serve, and to give.

Our Values

Transformative Sunday Experience

We value meaningful and transformative celebrations of the Eucharist.
We are intentional about welcoming our guests, providing uplifting music and offering inspiring homilies. 

Genuine Hospitality

God is generous with us and we want to be generous with others.
We welcome all with genuine hospitality.

Meaningful Community

We cultivate the sense of belonging.
We invite our parishioners to enter into a relationship with Christ and one another.

Clear Expectations

Clear expectations are at the heart of every healthy relationship.
Parishioners are accountable to and for one another. The parish is accountable to parishioners.

Authentic Vulnerability

We see the human heart beneath the surface.
We courageously lead one another into the depths because that is where God moves.

Experiencing The Holy Spirit

We encourage people to believe in the Holy Spirit and experience His power in their lives.

Being An Inviting Church

Through joyful witnessing we invite others to journey with us.

Empowering Leaders For Ministry

We develop leaders who transform the world. 

Love God

Serve Others

Make Disciples