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Worship at Immaculate Conception

Worship of God is the primary responsibility of the Christian, but we do not see this responsibility as an oppressive command. Rather the sort of responsibility we feel is the same that a parent has to their child, or a friend's loyalty to a friend. Worship is a responsibility of love.
It is first an expression of love to God. We give our best to God in many ways: our time, our energy, our music, and our openness to His word. Likewise, it is an expression of our love for one another. A community that genuinely worships together also cares for each other. This is why we value three things which have a direct impact on whoever visits us, regulars and newcomers alike.
We value homilies which come from a genuine place of faith. We value music that is woven into the liturgy, well-practiced and well-executed, as music elevates our minds to better things. We value hospitality, which is the attitude of a host who wants all of their guests to feel valued and respected.

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