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Vespers, meaning "evening" in Latin, is part of the universal prayer of the Church known as the Liturgy of the Hours. While it is said the world over, the Hours have gradually receded from daily life in parishes and among the faithful.
We hope that our efforts here allow you to see the great power in what is perhaps the most ancient form of prayer in our faith. Having its roots in Jewish prayer, the Apostles themselves continued this practice after the Resurrection. "Peter and John were going up to the temple to pray at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour [i.e., midday]" (Acts 3:1).
Our Vespers services are almost entirely sung, and we take great care to select music that is appropriate and contemplative. You are welcome to participate if you like — some enjoy simply listening to Scripture sung. We highly recommend singing with us. The Liturgy of the Hours is, first and foremost, the prayer of the universal community of the Church, expressed by local communities.
We believe that people who experience this for the first time will come to really love it. For those unfamiliar with Vespers, we have provided a few examples of our Vespers Services below. Enjoy!