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Welcome to our Music Ministry page!

Directed by Mr. Scott Will, our music program is one of the ministries that we are most proud of here at Immaculate Conception. Sound is an essential aspect of prayer and liturgy, and we work hard to incorporate good, tasteful, and professional sounding music to our worship and our worshippers.

Our Music Ministry also has a dedicated collection, either through a monthly envelope or through online donations. Providing top-class music is an investment, not only for us but for the community as well. If you enjoy our music, whether at our Masses or other services, please consider supporting our professionals.

Music Ministry Donations

Below, you can listen to samples of our music.

Q4 2021 Update: Thanks to your generosity we have been able to add a new cantor to our rotation, offering a Quintet at most of our Masses. Likewise, we have been able to invite visiting musicians (e.g., a trumpet player) to assist at special feast days and Vespers services. Thank you!


Q2 2022: We are working hard preparing Holy Week Masses! Join us for the Easter Vigil, the most ancient, dramatic, and beautiful of our Masses. It is truly our highest Holy Day.


Magnificat performed by our Quintet at Vespers

Song inspired by the text of St. John Henry Newman

Song from Vespers in Advent 2021

To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul
An example of our contemporary pieces. This style of music is featured at some of our 10:30 A.M. Masses on Sunday.
Let the Mind of Christ Be With you

Performed by our quartet, violin, and piano. Much of our music selection comes from our review of Scripture first. I work very hard with Scott to select pieces which are first Scriptural, second pleasant musically, and thirdly make use of our choir's skill set. Enjoy! (Fr. Matt)