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Give Central & Electronic Giving

We appreciate all forms of giving, whether physically via mail or direct drop-offs at our Parish Office or during our Masses. Likewise, we appreciate electronic giving.
We at IC are encouraging electronic giving for a number of reasons including:
  1. It allows us to have a better understanding of our cashflow on a weekly and monthly basis (which allows us to better plan and prepare for improvement projects)
  2. It allows us to regularly update our digital database with donor's information (email addresses, etc.)
  3. It is a more efficient way for everyone to give.

We, of course, do not discourage in-person giving, and offer both alternatives. If you feel so inclined, you can give on a monthly or weekly basis, or even give as a one-time gift to special events or ministries (or if you are feeling extra generous one weekend!).

The platform we use is Give Central, which has many special ministry and event options. Please consider giving generally, or towards specific ministries you enjoy or benefit from.

In the end, we thank you for your generosity. Every little bit helps, and together let us do good things for our neighborhood and community.

  • People of God

    God's generosity inspires our own