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Monday Morning Bible Study: "The Gospel Of John"

     John is known as both the Beloved Disciple and the apostle who was closest to Jesus, and we ought to study his Gospel with special attention, so that we can learn from his example to draw even closer to Christ. John’s Gospel is the written witness to his constant, loving pursuit of the Lord. To guide you through the intricate symbols within, Fr. Patrick Winslow carefully explains why this is one of the most beautiful and spiritually powerful books in the whole canon of Scripture. In 28 revealing sessions, written by Scott Hahn and Mark Shea, you will learn:

  •             Ÿ Why John’s Gospel has the most profound theology of the four Gospels
  •             Ÿ Its unique focus on a Christian understanding of the Family
  •             Ÿ Why love constitutes the New Law for John and for all of us

     John’s relationship with the beating heart of Christ is not limited to one person. It is something that Christ begs us to share, if only we will study his beloved disciple’s words carefully, and with much prayer. This is exactly the attitude that Fr. Winslow, Scott Hahn, and Mark Shea bring you in this 850+ verse journey into the heart of John’s poetic Gospel, as he bares the heart of our Lord to us.

     The 28 sessions will meet on Mondays beginning on October 24th. There will be some days off due to holidays, vacations and weather. Each session will run from 10:15 A.M. until Noon. We will meet in our Rectory Assembly (elevator access available). The cost is $50, which covers the required study guide. To register, please fill out the form below and submit it with your payment to Immaculate Conception Parish as soon as possible. Please make checks payable to Immaculate Conception Parish and drop off at our Parish Office [Attn: Deacon Rick]. We need to receive your payment by Friday, October 14th to ensure that you will have your study guide by the start of class.