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Immaculate Conception Catholic High School Scholarship

Immaculate Conception Parish would like to restart our Catholic High School Scholarship Fund which we started last year. We recognize the value and importance of a Catholic High School education and hope that this could potentially make a difference in the ability of our graduates to continue their Catholic education.
All graduates from Immaculate Conception School or our IC Religious Education Program, who either will attend a Catholic High School next year or are currently attending Catholic High Schools, would be eligible to apply.
Application materials and directions will be posted on our parish website after March 1, 2022 with applications due by May 1, 2022.
While the amount and number of scholarships available will depend upon the amount of money raised, it is hoped that they would be a minimum of $500, as they were last year. Also, while it is hoped that the scholarships could be renewed, funding initially is only guaranteed for one year. Please contact Fr. Robert Carlton at with any questions.  
If you would like to contribute electronically to our IC Catholic High School Scholarship Fund, please click here: